Real estate showing management in 2021

Real estate showing management in 2021

April 1, 2021

COVID-19 has changed the way we operate and spurred investments in areas that previously were not deemed necessary.

Real estate brokerages are no exception to this and are adapting how they manage their listing appointments, offer presentation strategies, and the overall communication while minimizing face time.

Has your real estate brokerage taken the necessary steps to be set up for success in 2021?

1. Opening up your office digitally

Your staff is the backbone of your office and their duties span from handling the phones, chasing showing requests, and paging out showing appointment confirmations. Often times, the tools being used by front desk staff are ancient and end up creating more work than necessary.

Despite being such a crucial part of keeping your brokerage functioning like a well-oiled machine, admin staff are neglected. So much that these tools they use are not even accessible outside of the office. Yuck!

With the prevalence of remote work, your brokerage should be evaluating its current technology to ensure it covers three core criteria:

  • It is accessible by your team from anywhere, on all devices
  • It is reliable and available, without significant downtimes
  • Doesn’t create additional work just to manage and up-keep the software

The productivity benefits of having your staff confirming showing appointments remotely, coordinating office activities, and ensuring they are accessible to agents from anywhere keeps your office running smoothly.

Opening up your brokerage digitally allows your staff to effectively manage listings with ease without impacting their productivity, and lets your agents focus on what they do best: Sell!

Learn how Realoop is helping brokerages across the country digitize their office, reduce costs, and become the brokerage of the future.

2. Fully integrated brokerage

Technology is playing a huge role in bringing us together, on a personal and professional level. From Zoom calls celebrating the special moments in our lives, to social media helping us stay connected to our network, technology has become an integral part of our lives.

Along with the prevalence of technology, today’s consumers expect more from the services they interacted with, including when it comes to selling their home. Gone are the days of sending print outs, emails, and calling your clients for appointment confirmations and updates.

Clients today want be involved first hand in the process of selling their home. This applies to how they interact with not just their listing agent but the brokerage as well.

Using a showing management system that only tracks appointments and requires manual follow ups is simply a bottleneck in 2021.

Imagine what your brokerage could achieve if it was integrated and centralized:

  • Showing appointments can be fully serviced without picking up a phone, from booking all the way to collecting feedback requests
  • Real estate co-operative agents can schedule a showing , or reschedule appointments themselves through a mobile app or on their computers
  • Co-op agents can register an offer without calling your front desk staff
  • Sellers are involved during each step of the home selling process, receiving alerts for all appointments booked and offers registered

Your admin staff saves a lot of time and is available to provide the client service your brokerage strives for. And your agents spend less time digging through information and more time on marketing the listing.

3. Equipping your agents with the right tools

Just as consumers expect more from their realtors, realtors are expecting more from their brokerages. To keep your real estate brokerage operating efficiently, your agents need access to the right products and services that saves them time.

Based on realtor outlook for 2021, agents expect the following from brokerages when it comes to their listings:

  • Real-time access to information related to their listings (appointments, offers, and updates)
  • Detailed analytics and statistics, with easy to consume reports for their sellers
  • Reduce the time spent on follow ups for listing appointments, offer registration, and coordination activities between their sellers and the office
  • Easy and centralize way to communicate with the office staff and co-op agents

Staying in close touch with what your agents are expecting keeps your real estate brokerage ahead of your competition. It also helps you evaluate what’s working and what isn’t.


As the pace of technology evolves, so do the expectations on the tools your brokerage uses.

With the real estate market poised to remain competitive, the way your brokerage manages its showings needs to adapt.

Chances are if your showing management platform is from the 90s, it won’t have the features highlighted in this article. On top of that, you might be paying for a software that hasn’t been updated with the realities of real estate in 2021.

Taking care of your admin staff, your agents, and clients is a good start towards preparing your brokerage for what the future throws at it.

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