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Realoop manages listing appointments and offers, freeing up your admin staff and agents to spend more time closing deals

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Realoop provides a single place for your office to manage and automate listing appointments, offer registration, and communication with clients and agents.

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Powerful features to elevate your brokerage

Dynamic appointment management

Easily manage appointments across the brokerage and automate the feedback collection process. Control who gets to confirm or reject appointments and minimize follow-ups.

Intelligent task management system

Allow your front desk staff to focus on the most important tasks using Realoop's advanced prioritization algorithm. Realoop provides a real-time view across the brokerage that shows each member what to work on.

Streamlined offer registration

Capture and track all registered offers in a single place. Realoop notifies co-op agents when new offers are registered and automates the follow-ups without having to manually send emails or texts.

Centralized brokerage hub

Post announcements, ask questions and communicate with the entire brokerage from a single place. Realoop also stores files and forms so they're easily accessible for everyone.

Quick setup

Realoop is hosted on the cloud and doesn't require any installation on your servers or computers. Get setup in less than 30 mins without IT staff.

Detailed activity trail

Realoop provides detailed audit logs for each action performed in the system along with any communication sent so you can rest easy knowing your messages get delivered.

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